Cantonment Board Citizens Assistance and Rapid Execution (CBCARE) System is introduced by Military Lands and Cantonments Department in all cantonments of Pakistan. The Mobile App is integrated with CBCARE Centers established in Cantonment Boards. CBCARE Center is first point of contact for the general public. The Mobile App serves as complementary channel between citizens and Cantonment Boards. Residents can use the app for the following:-

1. Track applications submitted through CBCARE Center.
2. Verify Computerized Challans issued by the Cantonment Board.
3. Register any complaint related to the Cantonment Board through the app.
4. How Do I - Get information about different SOPs / procedures for submission of application in the Cantonment Board.
5. Locate ML&C Deptt offices all over Pakistan on the Map.

CBCARE an android based app for the submission and management of cantonment residents’ complaints. The Android application has been divided into different categories for registering complaints such as:

The user has to register a mobile number through the application first. A verification code through an SMS is sent to that number and the person is logged in to the application. After logging in, the user can now select the category under which the user wishes to register a complaint. The user can also attach pictures related to the complaint.

A tracking ID for the complaint and the complaint status (Received, Pending, Resolved) are also made available to the user.
The user can view the previously registered complaints in my registered complaints section.

CBCARE App can be downloaded from below:-